Bold. Intentional. Empathetic.

One big space,
a million little decisions.

We know a successful design is both functional as well as beautiful. The hearts of our homes serve as laboratories, gathering spaces, reflections of our personalities, and the backdrop to daily life. We pride ourselves on creating thoughtful, artful spaces that respond to your unique needs and desires.

Buckminster Fuller once said, “A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist, and evolutionary strategist.”

We are designers.

Conceptual kitchens design collaboration
Conceptual kitchens inspiration brainstorm session

Design Services

  • Space Planning

  • Custom Cabinetry

  • Appliances Specification

  • Finish + Materials Specification

  • Fixture Specification

  • Cabinetry Coordination

  • Cabinetry Storage Organization

  • Design Team Collaboration

Conceptual kitchens amy

Amy Kreutz


Amy Kruetz has been a Certified Kitchen Designer with the National Kitchen & Bath Association for the better part of two decades. Her career began in Chicago, where she honed her natural artistic ability into an acute skill: inventing unique spaces designed with exquisite detail. Overseeing the manufacturing and installation of hundreds of projects has made Amy something of a savant. As the resident Design Ninja, her eye for design is sharp, and her mind lets loose a fury of ideas. Amy is an engaging communicator with a natural ability to forge new personal connections. When she is not working or tending to her two equally charismatic daughters, she can be found sipping wine, and catching up with former clients turned life-long friends.

Conceptual kitchens nikki

Nikki Sutton


With over twenty years of experience in architecture and interior design, Nikki provides a thorough understanding of the built environment, and commands a keen eye for detail. She is a fierce advocate for thoughtful design, and aspires to create spaces that are a unique reflection of the families who inhabit them. Never one to shy away from unorthodox thinking, she is known to craft wildly innovative design solutions, creating distinctive spaces that fulfill even the client’s unanticipated needs. She often says, “I will design what you want, and what you don’t know to ask for.” When not scrutinizing crown profiles, Nikki prefers to sit fireside with her fiancé, Nick* and their two “wild and filthy hounds.”

*Yes, it is Nick and Nikki.

Conceptual kitchens marissa

Marissa Doner

Director of Operations

The only thing bigger than Marissa’s heart is her list of responsibilities: account manager, financial analyst, operations manager, and (as needed) emergency IT hotline operator. When not staring deeply into the Excel abyss, Marissa leads Midwest Devo, a non-profit cycling team for youth riders. This full-time mother and part-time competitive cyclist truly has a heart of gold… and thighs of steel.

Conceptual kitchens daniel

Daniel Dodd

Project Manager

Daniel is a man of action. In the studio, Daniel orchestrates project schedules to promote a smooth and efficient installation. On the jobsite, he ensures the final product adheres to our high quality standards. Daniel’s best days end with a crossed-out list… and a good bourbon. Don’t let his steely exterior fool you, he’s as caring and warm-hearted as they come.

Conceptual kitchens jenny

Jenny Niceley

Showroom Manager

Jenny Niceley lives up to her name: she knows no stranger. In addition to being our one-woman welcome committee, she is also our bank and our post office. Visitors, payments, packages—Jenny manages them all with an infectious smile. As one of the longest standing employees of Conceptual Kitchens, Jenny also serves as our unofficial Den Mother, a reputation she solidifies with every gifted jar of homemade pickles.

Conceptual kitchens kat

Kat Mossian

Design Assistant

With open eyes and one ear to the ground, Kat approaches the world with a can-do attitude, and a determined mind. She’s creative through and through, passionate about understanding what makes good design and how to bring it to life. In the office, Kat is known for her quick wit, meticulous note taking, and providing a seamless transition from round table discussions to action items on paper. And before you ask, yes, that is her real hair color.

My best interests in mind


Throughout the process of my kitchen remodel, I felt confident that I was being taken care of. Conceptual Kitchens had my best interests in mind, and offered guidance through each step of the process. Their expert knowledge of cabinetry, appliances, and finishes gave me the confidence I needed to update my home and turn my kitchen into a space I never want to leave.

Innovative design and unmatched resources


I have worked with Conceptual Kitchens for many years. Conceptual Kitchens provides the highest quality cabinets and millwork with exceptional service. They standout for their innovative design and unmatched resources.

Attention to detail and thoughtful design


We appreciated the attention to detail and thoughtful design that went into our kitchen design. For years we have envisioned our dream kitchen, with plenty of room to cook, entertain, and accommodate our growing family. Conceptual Kitchens surpassed our expectations and turned our dream into an even better reality. Now, we look forward to hosting our family and friends for every occasion.

Hands-on approach


The level of service Conceptual Kitchens gives its clients is second to none! From the first meeting to the installation of our cabinetry, Conceptual Kitchens delivers a hands-on approach to customer service and ensures the quality of their product. They even guided us how to maintain our cabinetry over time, to make sure that our kitchen stays in top-notch condition.

Eliminating problems before they arise


I work with hundreds of vendors in my business. There are very few who actually scrutinize every detail, thereby eliminating a problem before it arises. I enjoy my relationship with Conceptual Kitchens, as their professional staff questions these details, and makes sure there's a smooth installation, every time.